Eternal river

From Assouan to Luxor

6 days / 5 nights


Departing from bustling Aswan, this 6 day cruise will journey north to the ancient city of Luxor. Cruising in the spirit of the Bell Époque, you will not miss any of the grand Pharaonic sites along the Nile Valley.


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Morning transfer to the Steam Ship Sudan. Settle into your unique Edwardian cabin or suite. Gourmet lunch served on board. An afternoon exploration of the temple of Philae (just south of Aswan). The domain of the protectoress Isis, Phliae was one of the most important shrines in ancient Egypt and Nubia for approx 4000 years. Dismantled due to the construction of the High Dam irrigation system; it was amazingly rebuilt on Agilika Island. Before dining on board, you will have time to meander through the colourful markets of Aswan. There is an option for the evening entertainment – the ‘Sound and Light’ show which illuminates the Temple of Philae.Overnight on board in Aswan.



The steamship departs early and journeys north for 48km to unveil the pillars of the temple at Kom Ombo on the banks of the Nile. Dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god, the temple dates back to 180BC during the Ptolemaic era with Roman structures added later. Lunch served on board. Time to take in the rythm of the cruise, as you continue your journey 145km north to Edfu. An afternoon exploration of the temple at Edfu. Built in honour of the falcon-headed sky god, Horus, the temple lay buried under a protective coating of sand until it was excavated by French Egyptologist, Auguste Mariette, in the 1860s. Relax and contemplate the Nile while cruising gracefully towards Esna, approx. 46km north. Dinner on board. Overnight in Esna.



Passing through the lock at Esna, The Steamship Sudan navigates 60km north to Luxor. After a gourmet lunch on board, you will be taken ashore to discover the Temple of Karnak. This city of temples was constructed over a 2000 year period and houses the Temple of Amun, the largest religious structure ever built. Walking through the 2sq km site of obelisks, pylons and sanctuaries, you will be astounded by the almost perfect illustrations that honour the glory of the Pharaohs and their Gods.In the evening, discover the Temple of Luxor which visit at night particularly highlights the perfection of the columns. Each year was celebrated the fertility of the Nile, during the festival of Opet. Overnight onboard in Luxor


D4 – Luxor / Qina / Denderah

The steamship departs early for an exploration of the Valley of the Kings. This limestone valley houses the burial chambers of the great Pharaohs, powerful nobles – and later the royal spouses – of the 18th-21st dynasties. 63 magnificent temples of eternal life line the valley including Tutankhamen’s Tomb. The vibrant colour and conservation of the hieroglyphics lining the tomb of Ramses III never ceases to captivate. Transfer after the visit. Here marks the end of your journey